To help manage buildings affected by COVID-19 restrictions Collaton Consultancy Limited have curated a series of documents that bring together useful information on managing your building’s water supply.

“Precautions are Needed for COVID-19 Patients with Co-infection of Common Respiratory Pathogens”.
Quan-sheng Xing et al.

Research in China shows that patients with COVID-19 also have other illnesses.

“Evidence for probable aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in a poorly ventilated restaurant”
Yuguo Li et al.

The role of aerosols in COVID-19 transmission

“Transmission of Viruses in Droplets and Aerosols”

Interesting presentation on the role of aerosols

CIBSE guidance

Guidance on managing buildings safely after lockdown.

Legionnaires’disease: lockdown risks and reopening safely

Information from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Legal information from solicitors DAC Beachcroft

Legal help from DAC Beachcroft

COVID-19: mitigating transmission via wastewater plumbing systems

Open letter from Institute from Sustainable Building Design, Heriot-
Watt University, Edinburgh.

ESGLI advice for buildings water management

ESGLI advice for all building types.

ESGLI advice for Hospital water management

ESGLI advice specifically for Hospitals

ESGLI advice for Nursing Homes

ESGLI advice for Nursing Home water management

ESGLI advice for Nursing and Care Home water management

ESGLI advice for managing water in Nursing and Care Homes.

Hand Hygiene

Pictorial advice on hand and surface cleaning

HSE safety

A short guide from the HSE on working safely during COVID-19

HSE staff discussions

Information from the HSE on discussing safe working practices with employees.

HSE NI advice on managing Legionella

Information from the HSE Northern Ireland on managing Legionella during a lockdown.

PPE advice from IPS

The Infection Prevention Society guide “Strategies for managing acute shortages of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic”

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

An example of a Risk Assessment that can be used to manage workplace safety with respect to COVID-19.

WHO “Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector”

Advice from WHO on Hotels safety management.


Advice from IHEEM on reprocessing PPE for reuse.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or need more help and advice then contact us.