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Managing water in Healthcare settings
Managing Water on site using the Collaton Consultancy Limited WATER SAFETY PLAN

Introduction to Collaton Consultancy Limited

This short video describes the services that Collaton Consultancy provides.

Care Workers training

If your staff need to be trained to have a Care Certificate we have the courses that can provide the core competencies.

Solving your problems is what we are about

If you have problems understanding what your water treatment company is telling you then let us take the strain and explain it in straight forward language to help you.

BS8680 compliant Water Safety Plan

We have an online system designed to make it easy for you to create a BS8680 compliant Water Safety Plan

Tips on creating your perfect Water Safety Plan

We will help you create your perfect Water Safety Plan to manage your water on site.

Meet John the Explainer

Meet John, he’ll explain what you want to know